The Russian Tea Room menu with price

item price description
Blinchik $22.00 Braised beef with cabbage and potatoes wrapped in a crepe served with braising reduction
Duck Confit $28.00 Warm duck leg confit with a bacon frisee and pickled onion salad
Onion Soup $22.00 Caramelized onion soup served with gruyere and parmesan cheese and a crouton
Lobster $35.00 Butter-poached lobster served with pickled mango, strawberries and pea shoots
Traditional Tea Room Red Borscht $20.00 Pickled red beets, seasonal vegetables and dill in a short rib and bacon broth served with a braised beef pirozhok or boiled potato and sour cream
RTR Sliders $26.00 Tasting of three mini pojarski burgers with herb fries. Salmon with avocado, tomato and cucumber with remoulade and pickled onions. Veal with comte cheese, wild mushrooms and melted onions. Kobe beef
Pelmeni $22.00 Beef and foie gras-filled dumplings in consomme finished with black truffle oil
Kobe Burger $28.00 Grilled kobe beef burger with grilled vidalia onions and maytag blue cheese on garlic sourdough bread served with sweet potato fries
Crab Cakes $28.00 Maryland crab cakes topped with crab, lobster and mushrooms, served with apple remoulade
Vareniki $28.00 Daily selection of russian-style ravioli
House Pickled Vegetables $18.00 Daily assorted vegetables
Select Cheeses with Seasonal Garnish $24.00
Traditional Cheesecake $18.00 Vanilla cheesecake covered with chocolate curls and fresh berries
Famous Tea Room Blintzes $18.00 Cheese and cherry blintzes with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Mi-Cuit $18.00 Chocolate cake with a molten center, cherry ice cream and a grand marnier cherry sauce
Chocolate Mousse Cake $18.00 Served with a chocolate hazelnut crunch center
Creme Brulee $18.00 Vanilla creme brulee with mixed berries
Tiramisu $18.00 Traditional tiramisu with chocolate sauce and chocolate pearls
Czar's Gold and Caviar Parfait $10.00 Nougat cream, toasted almonds, chocolate sauce and 24-karat edible gold
Ice Cream $18.00 Assorted flavors
Sorbet $18.00 Assorted flavors
Coffee $8.00
Espresso $8.00
Cappuccino $8.00
Cafe au Lait $8.00
St. Petersburg Black Tea Citrus, red fruits and caramel
Anastasia Black Tea Earl grey, lemon and orange blossom
Earl Grey Black Tea Ceylon black tea with a bergamot flavor
Darjeeling Black Tea Indian black tea
Russian Morning Black Tea Russian blend of black chinese and indian tea
Russian Evening Black Tea Brews very dark and coppery green color almost verging on black with low caffeine
Troika Black Tea Earl grey, orange and mandarin
Prince Vladimir Black Tea Citrus, vanilla and spices
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Chinese black tea with a smoky flavor
English Breakfast Black Tea Ceylon tea with a brisk flavor
Russian Black Tea Soft, smoky blend of keemun, assam, ceylon and formosa oolong teas with a touch of lapsang souchong
Wuyi Oolong Tea Mild grassy notes with a sweet finish
Formosa Oolong Tea Slight nutty aroma with a delicate flavor
Sencha Green Tea Japanese variety with a delicate, grassy aroma
Hoji Cha Green Tea Japanese green tea roasted over charcoal
Lung Ching Green Tea Roasted japanese green tea with a nutty aroma
Winter White Earl Grey Silver budded chinese tea with citrus bergamot oil
Chamomile Chamomile with delicate sweet notes
Rooibos Chai South african red bush with indian spices
Peach & Ginger Twist Slightly spicy with fruity citrus notes
Mint Verbena Pure peppermint
Tea of the Day
Tea Service $10.00 Served with the chef's selection of cookies
Golden Osetra 1oz. $295.00
Sevruga 1oz. $275.00
Russian Osetra 1oz. $185.00
Siberian Osetra 1oz. $175.00
Italian White Sturgeon 1oz. $180.00
Wild American Hackleback 1oz. $95.00
California White Sturgeon 1oz. $125.00
American Paddlefish Roe 1oz. $105.00
Wild Alaskan Salmon Roe 1oz. $60.00

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