Wabi Sabi menu with price

item price description
Tempura Fired Green Beans $6.99 With a side of ranch dressing
Asian Steak Skweres $9.99 Steak marinated in sweet and tangy soy then grilled and served with a peanut sauce
Jalepno and Cilantro Hummus $7.99 Served with fried pita chips fresh veggies
Tuna Skewers $8.99 Marniated and served with rare
Crab Dip $9.99 Served with fried pita chips
Citrus Chili Shrimp $9.99 6 Large shrimp sauteed in chil oil, honey jalapeno butter lime, juice and cilnatro
Clobster Cakes $9.99 Crab and lobster cimbined and lightly baked with then served on a crustini with jalapeno butter
Grilled Lamb Chop $9.99 Rubbed with north african and middle eastern spices and served with cucumber salad and kiwi puree
Spicy Lamb Meatball $9.99 Served with greek yogurt dipping sauce
Edamame $6.99 Steamed soybena in the pod
Sweet Potato Fries $2.99 Tossed with kosher salt
Fries $1.99 Seasoned with old bay
Spring Rolls $7.99 Fried and served with spicy thai sauce
Calamari $9.99 Tossed with lemon pepper served with cocktail sauce
Chicken Tenders $7.99 Just like the fritters but without sauce
Wabi Sabi Wings $7.99
Shrimp and Octopus Fritters $10.99 Shrimp and ocotopus fritters lightly fried and served with a sweet and spicy citurs soy dipping sauce
Miso Soup $3.99 With tofu and scallions
Crab Soup $7.99 Creamy and spicy
House Side Salad $5.99 - $9.99 Romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and onions
Caesar Salad $5.99 - $12.99 Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese with creamy caesar dressing
Charlottesville Salad $10.99 - $14.99 Romaine lettce topped with dried cranberries,apples walnuts madnarin oranges, tomatoes and blue cheese
Ahu Tuna Salad $10.99 - $14.99 Blackkeend teriyaki sesame, seed or lemon pepper on a bed of romaine with romine with carrots tomatoes cucumber and red peppers
Seawwed Salad $8.99 Seaweed marinated in sesame oil and served with carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, and madarin oranges
Black and Blue Salad $12.99 Blackkened steak, mushrooms, and onions, with bleu cheese, crumbles on a bed of greens
Add Shrimp 6 $5.99
Add Steak $5.99
Add Chicken $4.99
Add Ahi Tuna $5.99
Add Salmon $7.99
Wabi Sabi Burger $9.99 Spice infudes burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado
All American Burger $9.99 With american cheese, pickles and onion
BBQ Bacon Burger $1.99 Bacon and BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion
Black and Blue Burger $9.99 Blackneed burger with bleu cheese, grilled mushrooms and onions
Bacon and Mushrooms Swiss Burger $10.99
Crack Cake Sandwich $12.99 With lettuce, tomato and onion and roasted red peppers
Salmon Burger $12.99 Blackkened or grilled with tomato lettuce and oniona and avocado
Soft Shell Crab Sandwich $10.99 Tempura fried served with lettuce, tomato, onions avocado
Steak and Cheese Sandwich or Wrap $9.99 Piles of slices sirloin, mushrooms peppers onions, lettuce and tomato and topped with provolone cheese
Black and Blue Wrap $10.99 Blackeed steak, onions, mushroms and melted blue cheese with lettuce and tomato and in a galric herb wrap
Shrimp Caesar Wrap $12.99 Blackened or grilled shrimp with parmesan cheese caesar dressing lettuce tomato onion, and acarrots in an herb wrap
Himachi YellowrtaIL $6.75
Maguro N/s Tuna $6.50
Salmon $6.25
Smoked Salmon $6.75
Tilapia $5.75
EBI Shrimp $5.50
Kani ( Lump Crab) $7.25
Kanikama Crab Stick $5.50
Ocopus $6.50
Unagu $6.25 Broiled eel
N Uni $6.25
Avocado Roll $5.50
Cucumber Roll $5.25
Himachi Yellowtail $7.00
Kanpyou Roll $5.00
Lobste Roll $9.25
Lump Crab Roll $7.25
Sake Salmon Roll $6.75
Smoked Crab Roll $7.50
Spicy Shrimp Roll $6.75
Spciy Shrimp Roll $7.50
Tekka Tuna Roll $7.00
Bagel Roll $8.25 Smoked salmon, avocado, cream, cheese
California Roll $7.00 Crab, avocado, cucumber
Eel Roll $9.00 Broiled eel, cucumber, eel sauce
Goin Back To Cali Roll $7.25 Cali roll with a kick
Old Towne Crunch $9.50 Tuna, spicy, tempura, avocado
Phiily Roll $9.00 Lump crab, avocado, salmon cream cheese
Salmon Avocado and Masago $10.25
Seaeed Salad Roll $9.00 Seaweed salad, carrots, cucumber
SMA $12.50 Spicy tuna, mango, avocado wasabi peas
Spicy Lobster Roll $9.75 Lobster, lobster roll
Spicy Salmon Roll $9.25 Salmon avocad toqarashi
Spicy Seafood Roll $7.75 Lobster tuna roll
Tempura Sweet Potato Roll $6.00
Tempua Shrmip Roll $8.00
Tuna Salmon and Avocado $10.25
Veggie Roll $6.75 Avocado cucumber carrots
Wabi Roll $9.50 Lumb crab, avocado, cream cheese, kanpyou, crunchy wasani, peas
King Californian $9.75 Lump crab, avocado, cucumber
Sabi Roll $12.75 Yellowrail lump, crab, cream heese deep fries, topped with eel sauce masago scallions
Spider Roll $11.75 Lump crab, soft shell crab, cavocado eel sauce, scallions, masago
Tempura Spicy Tuna $12.75 Spicy tunam, lump crabm, cream cheese, avocado deep fried, topped with eel sauce spicy mayo togarashi
Carbbean Roll $10.75 Tempura shrimp roll topped with avocado coconut eel sauce
Caterpollar Roll $11.50 Eell roll topped with avocado
Captains Catch $12.25 Spicy seafood, and cucumber topped with tuna, kanikama, roasted red peppers, spicy mayo and scallions
Crab Catch $13.50 Lump crab, cream cheese, tempura, soft shll crab, kanpyou topped with eel, avocado, chopped kanikama, scallion, masago eel sauce and spicy mayo
Dragon Roll $22.75 Tmepura shrimp, crabstick topped with avocaaod with steak eel sauce, tempura crunchies scallions masago
Kickin Salmon $12.25 Spicy salmon, cucumber avoado topped with salmon, avoado, spicy mayo, sritacha, scallions and masago
Mango Bliss $13.75 Salmon lump crab, avoado topped with mabnog coconut scallons, masago and eel sauce
Mango SCaliente $13.75 Lump crab and mango topped with avoado yellowrtail, diced jalapeno, eels auce scallons wasabi peas and masago
Mango Express Roll $12.75 Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, topped with mango, avocado eel, sauce, tempura crunchies coconut scalloins masago
Manhattan $10.75 Cali roll topped with smoked salmon
Rainbow Roll $12.25 Cali roll topped with avoado salmon tuna, shrimp snapper eel, sauce, spicy mayo
Seaside Delight $13.75 Lump crab, avoado, topped with blackned tuna pineapplerelisn and masago
South Seas Roll $14.25 Tempura shrimp, strawberries, cream cheese topped with kiwi coconut eel sauce masago
Smokin Lobster $14.25 Lobster and aspatagus topped with smoked salmon micro basil masago and eel sauce
Spicy P Burg $13.50 Lump crab, aspatagus, topped with spisy seafood spicy mayo eel sauce, scalloins and masago then torched
VolcanO Roll $12.75 Spicy tuna roll topped with tuna, salmon shrimp snapper, toasted red pepper, ell sauce, spicy mayo masago scallions
Who Dat $12.25 Crawfish asparagus, topped with tilapia, thin slcie of lemon spicy mayo backkenig seasoning old aby crayenne pepper then beked
Ell Sauce $0.25
Spicy Mayo $0.25
Masago $0.50
Crunches $0.50
Deep Fry Roll $1.00
Crabstick $1.00
Lump Crab $2.00
Raw Oyster Bar Raw 1/2 Dozen $7.99
Full Dozen $12.99
Rockfellar $12.99 1/2 Dozen
Full Dozen $16.99
Cajum Alfredo $14.99 Spicy blend of alfredo and seasonig with bell pepper, onion, and adnouille sausage, served with cavatappi nooldes
Blackened Chicken Alfredo $14.99 Cavatappi nooldes tossee in a creamy alfredo sauce and topped with blackened chicekn
Thai Basil Beef $15.99 Beef tenderloin stweed with peppers, onion, spicy thai chilis and basil served over rice
Coconut Curry Chicken $14.99 Carrots celery, onion, basil and lemongrass in a cococnut curry broth served over rice
Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna $19.99 Blackened terryaki sesame seed or lemon pepper drizzled with orange avocado salsa
Soft Shell Crab $17.99 Sauteed or tempura fried
Salmon Filet $15.99 Blackned terryaki sesame, seed or lemon pepperr, and topped with avoado sour cream
Lamb Chops $24.99 6 Boned with cucumber salad and kiwi puree
Tempura Shimp $14.99 6 Large battered shrimp
Shrimp and Cheesy Grits $15.99 6 Large shrim blackened in drawn butter sritacha
Mac n Cheee $8.99 Own original recipe
Mac n Cheese N Crab $8.99
Roasted Garilc and Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus $7.99 Served with pita chips
Edamame $6.99 Soy beans steamed and served with low-sodim
Crab Dip $9.99 Served with pita chips
Srping Rolls $7.99 Fried and served with spicy thai sauce
Calamari $9.99 Tossed with lemon pepper, served with cocoktail sacue
Wabi Sabi Wings $8.99 Tossed in sweet and spicy sauce
Chickenn Fritters $8.99 Bonelss tenderrs tossed in swet and spicy sauce
Chicken Tneders $7.99 Bonelss tenders served wit ranch dressing
Dulce De Leche $4.99 Delicoud blend of caramel and cheesecake, wrapped and ligthluy fried in a tirtilla shrll, dusted with powded sugar
Hot Brownie Sudae $7.99 Warm fudge brownie with chcoalte sauce, vanliia ice cream, berries, whipped creama and walnuts
Fried Banana $6.99 Drizzlzed with chocolate toasted coconut respbrry sauce, and served with vanilla ice cream
Flourells Chocolate Torte $6.99 Beautiful blend fo milk, dark, white red semi-sweet chocolate served with raspberry sauce
Daily Special Served dessert special

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