Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen menu with price

item price description
Tostada $4.75 Choice of ingredients (half portions), served atop a crisp organic blue corn tortilla
Muchoroti Burrito $6.75 Mucho gusto's fresh & natural version of the classic burrito, served with a side of hand -cut corn chips & salsa
Taco Plate $6.75 2 Tacos chewy wheat-corn blend or soft white corn tortillas, served with sides of rice & beans
Grande Salad $7.75 Fresh romaine served in a crisp tortilla shell (white or wheat) or in a bowl with hand-cut corn chips on the side
Mucho Dippo $9.75 Multi-layered dip served in a bowl with a basket of hand-cut corn chips
Starch Rice, black beans, pinto beans
Cheese Cheddar-jack, cotija
Produce Cabbage, romaine, cilantro, jalapenos
Salsa Pico de gallo (mild), tomatillo-chile (medium), chipotle-corn (hot)
Sauce Plain sour cream, lime-cilantro sour cream, sweet chipotle vinaigrette, pepita-citrus vinaigrette
Toppings Selection Item Chicken - baked chicken in fire-roasted tomato & chipotle sauce. Carnitas - pork seared & braised in orange juice & garlic. Beef - oven-braised, shredded beef seasoned with mexi spices. Alaskan Cod
Guacamole or Mango Salsa $1.00 - $3.00
Chips & Salsa, Sauce $3.00
Chips & Guacamole $4.50
Chips & Mango Salsa $4.50
One Taco $2.75
Rice or Beans (8 oz.) $1.75
Protein Portion (1/4 Lb.) $2.00
Salsas & Sauces $0.50 - $1.50
Quesadilla $4.75 Served with sides of rice, beans & sour cream
Burrito $4.75 Filled with rice, beans, cheddar-jack & sour cream

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