The Korean Restaurant menu with price

item price description
Egg Soup $3.95
Okauau Soup - Corn Soup $3.95
Hot and Sour Soup $3.95
Vegetable Soup $3.95
Jampong Soup $3.95 spicy seafood soup
Udong Soup $3.95 seafood and vegetable soup
Miso Soup $1.95 Japanese soy bean paste soup
Yang Janpi Nangchae $19.95 seafood and vegetables with mustard sauce
Green Mussels with Spicy Ginger Sauce $10.95
Green Mussels with Chili Sauce $5.95
Haemul Pajeon $10.95 seafood Korean pancakes
Kimchi Pancake with Green Pepper $10.95
Mul Mandu $7.95 vegetable with beef and pork dumpling boiled
Mandukuk $10.95 dumpling soup
Yaki Mandu $7.95 vegetable with beef and pork dumpling fried
Tuk Mandukuk $10.95 dumpling and rice cake soup
Mape Tofu Bob $7.95 szeshuan style tofu with rice
Chicken and snow peas with rice $7.95
Chicken and Broccoli with Rice $7.95
Beef and Broccoli with Rice $7.95
Sauteed Beef and Parmesan with rice $7.95
Ja Jang Bob $7.95 fried rice with brown sauce
Jam Pong Bob $7.95 rice in spicy seafood soup
Jab Chae Bob $7.95 fried clear noodle on the rice
Pyogobusut Bob $7.95 sauteed pyugo mushroom with rice
Tanau Seewoo $16.95 fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce
Kanpun Seewoo $16.95 fried shrimp with pepper and garlic sauce
Seewoo Tempura $16.95 fried shrimp
Seewoo Yachae $16.95 fried shrimp with vegetables
Ginger Spicy Seafood $19.95 stir-fried seafood and pork, vegetables with spicy ginger sauce
Jab Tang $16.95 stir-fried seafood and veges (gravy sauce)
Pal Bo Chae $16.95 stir-fried mixed seafood and vegetables
Yusan Saui $16.95 stir-fried seafood and vegetables
Tangsu Chichen $11.95 fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce
Lajoki $11.95 fried chicken with red pepper sauce
Chicken Tempura (Fried Chicken) $11.95
Chicken and Broccoli $11.95
Kanpoongki $11.95 fried chicken with spicy and sour garlic sauce
Mushroom and Chicken $11.95
Chicken and Snow Peas $11.95
Chicken and Vegetable $11.95
Tang Su Yuk (Beef/Pork) $12.95 fried pork/beef with sweet and sour sauce
Jab Chae $10.95 fried clear noodles with vegetable and pork
Kochoo Jab Chae $16.95 fried clear nooldles with vegetables, pork and chili pepper
Buchu Jab Chae $16.95 fried clear nooldles with vegetables, pork and look
Beef and Broccoli $12.95
Lajo Yuk (Beef/Pork) $12.95 fried pork/beef with red pepper sauce
Kanpoong Yok $12.95 fried pork with spicy and sour garlic sauce
Nan Jawans $19.95 meat ball with Peking sauce
Stir-Fried Beef with Green Onion $12.95
Kan Poonojingo $16.95 fried squid with garlic and pepper sauce
Mapa Tofu $10.95 szeshuan style tofu
Fried Vegetables $10.95
Sauteed Pyugo Mushroom $10.95
Kachang Tofu $10.95 fried tofu
Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots $10.95
Fresh Cod Casserole with Spicy Sauce/or Clear Sauce $44.95
Kimchi Casserole with Pork $29.95
Kimchi Stew with Bally Pork $16.95
Stir-Fried Pork with Spicy Sauce $16.95
Dakdori Tang $39.95 chicken stew with spicy sauce
Hot Pot Bulgoki $16.95 Korean bbq with sweet sauce in hot pot
Bulgoki $16.95 choice grade rib eye Korean bbq (80oz)
Kal Bi Gui $16.95 Korean style beef rib bbq
Ojinguh Bokum $16.95 stir-fried squid with spicy sauce
King Whiting Casserole with Spicy sauce $44.95
Kimchi Casserole with Pork (Big Size) $39.95
Stir-Fried Pork with Tofu and Kimchi $16.95
Chicken Mushroom Casserole with Sweet Sauce $29.95
Beef Stew with Spicy Sauce $29.95
Kal Bi Jim $19.95 braised beef rib

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